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Two-Spirit Peoples in Wolastokuk (Grade 3)

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Two-Spirit is an LGBTQ+ umbrella term used to describe some Indigenous LGBTQ+ people that identify with both the male and the female spirit. This is a term that is special for Indigenous peoples. Before colonization, when British and French people came to the territory we currently called Canada, Two-Spirit peoples had important positions in their communities. However, when British and French people came to the territory we now call Canada, they tried to impose their ideas about gender (about what they thought a boy should be like and what they thought a girl should be like) on Two Spirit peoples. Indigenous LGBTQ+ peoples are continuing to reclaim their Two Spirit identities. There are some important Two-Spirit activists and artists who live in Wolastokuk, including Chief Allan "Chicky" Polchies Jr. and Jeremy Dutcher. Jeremy Dutcher has allowed his "Honour Song" to be used as the music in this cellphilm. Thank you so much for this honour, Jeremy!

This cellphilm was created for use in the Grade 3 Social Studies classroom in New Brunswick, and seeks to address the specific curriculum outcomes: "3.2.1. Examine the diverse peoples in their province; 3.2.2 Examine how diverse peoples in their province express their culture; 3.2.3 Take age appropriate action to promote positive interactions among people."


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