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The Queer Heritage Initiative of New Brunswick (QHINB) is a partner in this research project. Formed in 2016, the QHINB seeks to archive materials such as newsletters, event posters, photographs, organizational documents, correspondence, and oral histories from queer communities in New Brunswick. The Queer Heritage Initiative Collection (MC4111) is held at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick in Fredericton and contains records about various 2LGBTQ+ organizations and individuals from across the province, dating from the early 1970s – present.

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Our collection includes records on the following organizations and subjects:

  • LGBT Purge of Canadian Civil Servants and Military Personnel;

  • Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays [PFLAG] Chapter of Sackville and Amherst [2003-2015];

  • Fredericton Lesbians and Gays [FLAG] (1979-1985);

  • New Brunswick Coalition for Human Rights Reform (1988-1992);

  • Northern Lambda Nord (LGBT Northern New Brunswick and Maine organization);

  • Moncton River of Pride / Rivière de la fierté (1999-present)

  • Fredericton Pride (2009-Present);

  • East Coast Bears [1996-2008]; and

  • Gay news clips from New Brunswick television from the 1990s.

Fredericton intergenerational Panel - Au

In addition to collecting archival materials, QHINB also works actively to provide educational opportunities for members of the public on 2LGBTQ+ history in Canada and New Brunswick. Whether it is bringing different generations of the Queer Community together for an intergenerational panel or holding public talks and presentations, QHINB focuses on telling the untold stories and experiences of queer individuals throughout the province.

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Explore the Archives

The Queer Heritage Initiative of New Brunswick is an archival research initiative that aims to collect and preserve 2LBGTQ+ content and provides opportunities for public education throughout the province. Interested in booking the QHINB to come to your class?

Interested in taking your class to visit the collection at the Provincial Archives? Contact the PANB, here.

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Lesson Plans

In February 2020, pre-service teachers Alison Ready, Vera Nugent and Casey Burkholder explored the Queer Heritage Initiative of New Brunswick's collection at the New Brunswick Provincial Archives. In the summer of 2020, Casey and PhD student Allen Chase created lesson plans from these resources for K-12 Social Studies classrooms. See our work, here.



Casey Burkholder and Maria Nazareth Felipe de Felipe de Araujo have created short cellphilms based on some of the holdings at the Queer Heritage Initiative of New Brunswick collection at the New Brunswick Provincial Archives. See our cellphilms, here.

Note, image (above) of Len & Cub from P27 – The John Corey Collection, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

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