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LGBTQ+ Community Building in New Brunswick (Grade 4)

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Did you know that several New Brunswick spaces and groups seek to create a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ youth to come together and be themselves?

Fredericton Gender Minorities, for example, is a trans and non-binary-led resource support group that has worked to create a safer space for trans and gender-non-conforming people to discuss issues that directly impact them. Another example of a group that seeks to make our community more welcoming, is Imprint Youth Association—a group that creates space for LGBTQ+ youth and allies in New Brunswick.

This cellphilm was created for use in the Grade 4 Social Studies classroom in New Brunswick, and seeks to address the specific curriculum outcomes:

o Exploring the landscapes of Canada;

o 4.4.2 Examine the human landscape of Canada;

o 4.4.3 Examine the political landscape of Canada.


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