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Gender Affirming Care: Save Clinic 554! (Grade 7)

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Have you ever heard of Clinic 554 and its importance to LGBTQ+ communities in New Brunswick?

Clinic 554 is a clinic in Fredericton that has been providing health care to much of the province’s LGBTQ+ communities. Clinic 554 opened in 2015 when Dr. Adrian Edgar and Valerie Edelman started the practice.

Clinic 554 offers gender affirming care. Gender affirming care means that a person’s gender will be respected and acknowledged while they are receiving health care services. This practice is empowering. Some of the gender affirming care at the Clinic includes medical appointments, hormone replacement therapy, counseling services, and pre and post-surgical care. Above all, Clinic 554 offers a stigma-free and barrier-free access to sexual and reproductive health services. The Clinic is an importance place in our community.

This cellphilm was created for use in the Grade 7 Social Studies classroom in New Brunswick, and seeks to address the specific curriculum outcomes:

"o 7.1.1 Explore the general concept of empowerment"


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