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Guide for Teachers: Where's the Queer Curriculum?

Updated: Jul 5, 2020


In this cellphilm, three pre-service teachers and one teacher educator describe their experiences in incorporating LGBTQ+ histories and experiences into their teaching. In the cellphilm, the pre-service teachers lament that they are not prepared to teach inclusively and in gender and sexuality affirming ways in their teacher education program.

Pre-Viewing Question:

1. What is a curriculum?

2. What have you noticed about the histories and experiences that are "covered" in our Social Studies curriculum so far?

Post-Viewing Questions:

1. What actions might we take in order to queer the curriculum?

2. To what extent should teachers be trained in gender and sexuality affirming approaches to teaching?

3. What other histories and experiences are excluded from the existing curriculum? Why might that be? What can we do to disrupt these erasures?

Additional Resources:

1. Sumara, D., & Davis, B. (1999). Interrupting heteronormativity: Toward a queer curriculum theory. Curriculum Inquiry, 29(2), 191-208.

2. Sykes, H. (2011). Hetero‐and homo‐normativity: Critical literacy, citizenship education and queer theory.


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