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Guide for Teachers: Nackawic Needs a GSA NOW!!

Updated: Aug 8, 2020


In this animated cellphilm, we explore the everyday incidences of violence and harassment that LGBTQ+ young people might endure (in society, at school, in their homes, etc.). We point to the need for schools to provide Gender Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) to address the everyday violence that is allowed to flourish in schools. We also call attention to the reality that not all schools in New Brunswick have GSAs, and we argue that they should.

Pre-Viewing Question:

1. Does our school have a GSA? Where is it? Who does it serve?

2. What do GSAs do within a school?

3. How might we think about making school spaces more comfortable and inclusive for all students, including those who are queer, trans, and non-binary?

Post-Viewing Questions:

1. How do schools enforce the gender binary (within classrooms, in school spaces, etc.)?

2. Have you witnessed homophobic or transphobic harassment or violence within school? What happened? What might you change about how this incident was addressed or ignored?

3. How might we minimize violence and harassment in our schools? On social media? In society? What needs to shift? Whose responsibility

is it to take action to address violence?

Additional Resources:

1. Marx, R. A., & Kettrey, H. H. (2016). Gay-straight alliances are associated with lower levels of school-based victimization of LGBTQ+ youth: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 45(7), 1269-1282.

2. Pennell, S. M. (2017). Training secondary teachers to support LGBTQ+ students: Practical applications from theory and research. High School Journal, 101(1), 62-72.


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